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Today’s Gunny’s Note: Career Advice




We live in the digital age with everything is posed online; jobs, career advice; and networking.  While the advice might be plentiful, the jobs in the job market are truly not as abundant as portrayed by the media or the government reports.

So, here is some real advice for the digital job seeker:

  • Be proactive

If you want a full time job, it takes full time hours in the job hunt. That’s right 40 hours per week.

Hint: Door to door still works best. Dress for the next job in the corporate rung. If you are applying for a cashier’s role then dress like the supervisor. But, if you are applying for vice president then dress like the president. Let them see you in the next role.


  • Get to Networking

Talk to your people, friends and countrymen. It’s embarrassing enough to lose your job, but you must put yourself out there via social networking. Let people know that you are looking for a job.

Hint: If you are new to the area or simply do not know where to begin; then try the local chamber of commerce. Attend any free events and mingle. Have your resume loaded on your smartphone.


  • Resumes

There is not a true blue method to the madness of resume writing. If are asked to submit a resume, do your level best.

Hint: If the company has a built in resume builder, you that vice submitting your own creation. It will then be in a format that HR can understand.


We all want a career to be proud of, but mostly a job that pays a living wage not a working wage. Still, the bills need to be paid. You may have to reinvent yourself, this gets harder the older you get. So get started, you have a lot of good left in you.

Caution: Trust everyone and verify everything. Research the company, talk to the people. Remember, you are interviewing the company. While, the organization says that you might not be a good fit. This firm might not be a good suitable for you.

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